i-Maths and Smart Steps pedagogy
is NEP 2020 aligned

Fundamental Based

Increases the fundamental literacy and numeracy which is the basic ability of a student. We are aligned to the Foundational Learning Curriculum of NEP.

Process Driven

Emphasis on conceptual understanding rather than rote learning or learning for exams. (Our program is more process driven rather than outcome)

Critical Thinking

NEP stresses on greater depth, greater flexibility and critical thinking learning techniques. Our maths learning program is aligned and encourages creativity and critical thinking in the young minds of the children.

Play Based Activities

The new policy emphasises on cross-curricular pedagogical approach that utilizes physical activities. We cover learning concepts through fun and play-based activities to cause physical, artistic and cognitive development.


It is a young children creative Mathematics Program. And it is currently the most influential course in Mathematics for young children in most parts of South East Asia, in more than 18+ countries.


We move from semi-abstract to concept-based learning to the 2nd level of children’s studying in class 2nd and 3rd.

How the programs are beneficial?